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Benefits of Remote Truck Dispatching

Benefits of truck dispatching
  1. Flexible Location: Work from anywhere with internet and phone connectivity. we deal all over the U.S but customer preference is our priority.
  2. Time Savings: No commuting, allowing for better time management.
  3. Higher Income Potential: Commission-based pay can lead to uncapped income.
  4. Improved Work-Life Balance: Remote work offers more flexibility in managing personal and professional commitments.
  5. Steps Involved:
  6. Necessary Equipment: You’ll need a computer/laptop and a phone with internet service.
  7. Load Board: Access load boards online to find and book loads for clients.
  8. Negotiation: Negotiate rates with brokers for suitable loads.
  9. Paperwork: Complete documents like broker carrier agreements using PDF editor apps and e-fax.
  10. Communication: Use email and phone to relay information to clients/drivers.