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Licensing Requirements for Aspiring Dispatchers

The FMCSA Dispatcher License

The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) dispatcher licence is required for all truck dispatchers who supervise the dispatching of nationwide trucks, which cross state lines on their routes. You must pass the Dispatcher Certification Test (DCT), a computer-based test, to earn this licence.

The DCT Exam Covers

1. Federal Motor Carrier Regulations:

This includes knowledge of the federal regulations that govern the operation of commercial motor vehicles, ensuring compliance with safety and operational standards.

2. Load Security:

Knowledge of proper load securing techniques to prevent cargo from shifting or falling during transit.

3. Hazmat Transportation:

Information related to the transportation of hazardous materials, including handling, labeling, and documentation requirements.

4. Emergency Response Procedures:

Understanding how to respond to emergencies and accidents involving commercial vehicles, including reporting procedures and safety protocols.


In addition to the FMCSA dispatcher license, there are other certifications you may need to obtain, depending on your specific role and responsibilities. These certifications include:

1. Dispatcher Certification Test (DCT) Certification: This certification is obtained by successfully passing the DCT exam, which demonstrates your knowledge of essential topics related to truck dispatching for interstate carriers.

2. Independent Dispatcher Certification Test (IDCT) Certification : If you work as an independent dispatcher or own a dispatching business, you may need to obtain the IDCT certification. This certification exam covers additional topics, such as business management, dispatch software usage, state-specific trucking regulations, and more. It is essential for those managing their own dispatch operations.

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